Sending an email to Mr. Burt or leaving a voice mail for him or his assistant (and a reply to either) does not create an attorney-client relationship.

A prospective client should not leave a confidential message by voice mail or send confidential information by email in seeking to hire Mr. Burt or in seeking a telephone consultation about hiring him.

No attorney-client relationship will be formed until Mr. Burt has spoken to prospective client, determined that there is no conflict with an existing client, and the prospective client has signed an engagement letter prepared by Mr. Burt that sets forth the terms of the representation.

After an attorney-client relationship has been formed, voice mail and email may of course be freely used for attorney-client communications.

NOTE: Mr. Burt does not handle litigation of any kind. If you wish to sue someone, are being sued, or need to make a court filing of any kind, Mr. Burt cannot help you. You should not contact him for those services.

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